Mellotron Micro - Black

25-note Digital Mellotron

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Mini digital mellotron, based on the M4000 sound engine. It includes over 100 Mellotron and Chamberlain sounds and 24-bit pristine audio playback.

The Mellotron Micro is a 25 note small format Digital Mellotron, which includes over 100 of the original Mellotron and Chamberlain samples, a two-octave keyboard, crisp colour display and plenty of hands-on control to get the most out of your sounds.

The new Digital Mellotron machines come in several flavours; the Micro is the smallest of the bunch, but includes all of the same capabilities as its siblings, but forgoes the ability to expand the sound collection and instead has a fixed collection of sounds.

The new Mellotron machines deliver all the sonic bliss of the original machines, with the modern flexibility of digital source audio samples, meaning tape degradation, storage and other woes are a thing of the past.

The main features of the Mellotron Micro include

  • 100 mellotron and Chamberlain sounds
  • A and B sound banks
  • 25 note keybed

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