Mercury D Series G810 Rack System I

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Powerful and high performing 500-series chassis designed to ensure that no module is starved of power and performs at its best. Includes PSU 1 and Chain Switch

The Mercury D Series G810 Rack System is a powerful and high performing 500-series chassis designed to ensure that no module is starved of power and performs at its best.

The Mercury D Series G810 delivers much more power than the 500-series standard so that modules that are not compliant to the 500-series specs can still be powered properly without affecting other modules’ performance. What’s more the Mercury G810 uses Mercury Power Regulation Circuit which solves the 500-series Rack problems, by regulating power on every channels providing isolation and protecting other modules from faults and emissions. No modules share DC power with another. Mercury’s first 500-series rack provides clean, regulated, isolated and abundant power to your modules without any cross talk between channels ensuring that modules perform as they should free from power limitations.

A soft start circuit has also been implemented allowing for slow power ramp up to progressively apply voltage to expensive modules. The Mercury Soft Start Circuit is also very useful to reduce damage to your speakers with turn-on thump when included in larger systems.

Built like a tank with thick aluminium rack ears and durable steel chassis, the Mercury D Series G810 provides maximum strength and shielding for internal electronics offering a reliable, road-ready rack system that can be rack mounted to use as a table top rack. It features Gold Pin XLRs for channels 1 to 10 and DB25 connectors for channels 1 to 8. Additional features are also present such as the G810 Chain Switch which lets you route internally the signal to the next module to create your perfect routing without the need of additional cables, and the G810 Link Switch which lets you link two modules for true stereo behaviour (if the module provide the functionality). A Ground Lift is also included to ensure quiet operation in all environments.

All 10 Channels can accommodate dedicated Mercury D Series modules or 500-series modules, but channel 9 and 10 can also accommodate dedicated D Series modules designed to make recording and accessing functionalities easier.

A choice between two dedicated rackmountable PSU (PSU-1 and PSU-2) is possible depending on your requirements while two PSU-1 units can be used side by side in a rack to power two chassis.

Mercury D Series G810 Rack System Overview:

  • Easily convertible between being Rack Mountable or Free Standing (Table Top) configurations.
  • Rack mountable or free standing convertible PSU-1 and PSU-2 Power Supplies.
  • Supports Ten (10) D Series / ‘500 modules’ or Eight (8) D Series / ‘500 Modules’ with a Mercury G8 Module in Slots 9 & 10.
  • Custom, Low noise, Linear Power Supplies, designed for Professional Audio Optional.
  • Mercury Power Regulation Circuit per Slot / Channel for the best Power Structure and Mercury Soft Start Circuit for powering up gently.
  • Studio Quality and Road worthy, Heavy Duty Steel and Aluminum chassis.
  • Shielded internal electronics inside the rack and PSU.
  • Gold Pin XLR (Ch. 1-10) and DB25 connectors (Ch. 1-8).
  • G810 Chain Switch allows for simple, convenient, internal signal flow among modules. 
  • G810 Link Switch allows you to ‘Stereo Link’ two modules.
  • Ground Lift Switch for quiet operation in all environments
  • Made in California USA

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