Mercury D Series G810 Rack System II (D-Sub)

500-series Chassis

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£1,415.83 ex VAT
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Powerful and high performing 500-series chassis designed to ensure that no module is starved of power and performs at its best. Includes PSU 1.

At a glance

  • Easily convertible between being Rack Mountable or Free Standing (Table Top) configurations.
  • Rack-mountable or free-standing convertible PSU-1 and PSU-2 Power Supplies.
  • Supports Ten (10) D Series / ‘500 modules’ or Eight (8) D Series / ‘500 Modules’ with a Mercury G8 Module in Slots 9 & 10.
  • Custom, Low noise, Linear Power Supplies, designed for Professional Audio Optional.
  • Mercury Power Regulation Circuit per Slot / Channel for the best Power Structure and Mercury Soft Start Circuit for powering up gently.
  • Studio Quality and Roadworthy, Heavy Duty Steel and Aluminum chassis.
  • Shielded internal electronics inside the rack and PSU.
  • Gold Pin XLR only on Ch. 9-10 and DB25 connectors Ch. 1-8.
  • G810 Link Switch allows you to ‘Stereo Link’ two modules.
  • Ground Lift Switch for quiet operation in all environments
  • Made in California USA

The Mercury D Series G810 Rack System is a powerful and high performing 500-series chassis designed to ensure that no module is starved of power and performs at its best.

The Mercury D Series G810 delivers much more power than the 500-series standard so that modules that are not compliant to the 500-series specs can still be powered properly without affecting other modules' performance. What's more, the Mercury G810 uses Mercury Power Regulation Circuit which solves the 500-series Rack problems, by regulating power on every channel providing isolation and protecting other modules from faults and emissions. No modules share DC power with another. Mercury's first 500-series rack provides clean, regulated, isolated and abundant power to your modules without any cross-talk between channels ensuring that modules perform as they should free from power limitations.

The G810 Rack System II is the same quality as the System I with two features removed to reduce the price:

  • Linking of modules in pairs only (Ch. 1 to Ch. 2, Ch. 3 to Ch. 4 etc.) instead of Link and Chain on System I.
  • No XLR I/O on channels 1-8, only D-Sub.

The System II is for use with a patch bay so you can chain things together there, instead of on the back of the rack.

A soft start circuit has also been implemented allowing for slow power ramp-up to progressively apply voltage to expensive modules. The Mercury Soft Start Circuit is also very useful to reduce damage to your speakers with turn-on thump when included in larger systems.

Built like a tank with thick aluminium rack ears and durable steel chassis, the Mercury D Series G810 provides maximum strength and shielding for internal electronics offering a reliable, road-ready rack system that can be rack-mounted to use as a tabletop rack. It features Gold Pin XLRs for channels 1 to 10 and DB25 connectors for channels 1 to 8. Additional features are also present such as the G810 Link Switch which lets you link two modules for true stereo behaviour (if the module provides the functionality). A Ground Lift is also included to ensure quiet operation in all environments.

All 10 Channels can accommodate dedicated Mercury D Series modules or 500-series modules, but channel 9 and 10 can also accommodate dedicated D Series modules designed to make recording and accessing functionalities easier.

A choice between two dedicated rack-mountable PSU (PSU-1 and PSU-2) is possible depending on your requirements while two PSU-1 units can be used side by side in a rack to power two chassis.

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