Mercury M66 mkIV

Single-channel valve compressor

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Meticulously crafted, all-tube, fully balanced, variable-bias limiter inspired by the legendary Fairchild 660 with transformer-coupled inputs and outputs features vintage aesthetics, modern reliability, fast attack time, variable release time, and an innovative DC Adjust Control, making it a standout tool for professional audio recording and production.

At a glance

  • All-tube, fully balanced, variable-bias limiter
  • Based on the legendary Fairchild 660
  • No ICs (chips), hand-built in the USA
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • Vintage-style VU meter and large bakelite knobs
  • Powder-coated chassis and front panel
  • Fast attack time, variable release time (0.3 to 25 seconds)
  • Innovative DC Adjust Control for fine-tuning compression
  • Versatile use as limiter or compressor

The Mercury 66 MkIV Studio Limiting Amplifier is a cutting-edge, all-tube, fully balanced, variable-bias limiter that faithfully recreates the iconic Fairchild 660.

Recreating the Iconic Sound

Mercury Recording Equipment has meticulously designed the Mercury 66 to capture the sonic essence and overall tone of the legendary Fairchild 660. Many manufacturers have attempted to replicate the Fairchild circuit, but Mercury has succeeded where others have failed.

Modern Build with Vintage Aesthetics

Mercury combines the best of vintage aesthetics with modern reliability. The Mercury 66 features no ICs (chips) and boasts hand-built, American craftsmanship using premium parts. Its design answers one question: How would the original creators have built it today? The amplifier showcases a vintage-style VU meter, large bakelite knobs, and a powder-coated chassis and front panel, giving it a distinctive 1950s look.

Performance Features

The Mercury 66 employs a single push-pull amplification stage with transformer-coupled input and output (XLRs) and no capacitors in the signal path. This design results in low distortion and noise, with no audible thumps. The fully balanced control amplifier, transformer-coupled in/out, and a high-current vacuum tube voltage regulator ensure stability and performance. The unit offers accessible input, threshold, attack, release time, and metering controls, providing flexibility in the control room. The fast attack time and variable release time (0.3 to 25 seconds) allow for versatile use as a limiter or compressor.

Innovative DC Adjust Control

A notable addition to the Mercury 66 is the DC Adjust Control, a feature absent in the original Fairchild 660. Located on the front panel, this control allows users to adjust the DC (Direct Current) in the circuit, providing greater control over compression levels. By turning the DC Adjust knob, users can fine-tune the compression from subtle to intense, finding the perfect balance for their audio needs. This 'magic knob' sets the Mercury 66 apart from other compressors and limiting amplifiers.

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