Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 Ribbon Microphone

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American-made passive ribbon microphone with extended high-end frequency response.

The Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 is a handcrafted passive ribbon microphone with extended high-end frequency response.

The Mesanovic Model 2 takes on the concept engineered with the Model 1 but pushes the boundaries of modern microphone manufacturing to achieve even further high end frequency response. A redesigned motor with an extremely short path length has been employed combined with front and back resonator plates used as passive acoustic filters to further increase the high frequency response.

As a result of this unique design the Mesanovic Model 2’s frequency response surpasses that of any other ribbon microphone with a broad +3dB boost at 12kHz and a -3dB point above 20kHz. The extended high frequency response doesn’t detract from the typical ribbon midrange prominence complemented by the rich low end. A custom Samar Audio Design transformer is employed providing extremely low distortion, low noise and incredible detail for a 3D-like sound.  

A slender housing is used 1.25mm and enables the microphone to be used with most third party shockmounts.

The Model 2 will sound stunning on any sources including vocals, guitars amps, drums, strings, piano, brass and much more. Its extended high frequency will deliver the presence and fast transient response, associated with condenser microphones but with the smooth and rich sound which ribbon microphones are loved for.

Mesanovic Model 2 Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

  • The most extended high end frequency response of any ribbon
  • Classic ribbon smoothness with an open and transparent low end
  • All original design delivering unique sonic character
  • Slim compact design allows for easy set up
  • Low noise, low distortion, exceptional detail, and 3D like sound
  • 100% handcrafted in Detroit, MI

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