Mesanovic Microphones Model 2S Ribbon Microphones

Ribbon Microphone


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American-made Stereo passive ribbon microphone with extended high-end frequency response.

The Mesanovic Microphones Model 2S is a stereo passive ribbon microphone with extended high-end frequency response handcrafted in Detroit.

The Mesanovic Model 2S uses the exact same design as the Model 2 and features two matched ribbon motors which are angled at 90 degrees for a Blumlein configuration. The Model 2S uses the same redesigned motor with short path length and Samar Audio Design transformer which provides low distortion, low noise and superior detail.

The design of the Mesanovic Model 2S gives it high frequency response with a broad unmatched by any other ribbon microphones with a +3dB boost at 12kHz and a -3dB point above 20kHz.  Its balanced frequency response will greatly reduce the need to equalisation after the recording. Its strong phase coherence ensures that the recording can be summed to a mono signal without any phase artifacts.

The Model 2S will capture truly stunning stereo recordings thanks to its uniform polar pattern and excellent off-axis frequency response providing outstanding phase coherence and a beautifully detailed 3D sound which will make you feel like being in the same room as the source.  Ideal with string sections, horn sections, piano, drum overheads, choirs, acoustic guitars and much more, the Mesanovic Model 2S will become your go to microphone for stereo recordings.

Mesanovic Model 2S Stereo Ribbon Microphone Main Features:

  • Identical transformer and ribbon motor construction as the Model 2Sdelivers the same unique sonic character
  • Provides outstanding phase coherent stereo recordings every time
  • Incredibly easy to set up and capture perfect stereo recordings
  • Ideal for orchestral and choral recordings, overheads, room, string sections, horn sections, piano, acoustic guitar, and more
  • Slim design and unobtrusive black finish
  • 100% handcrafted in Detroit, MI

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