Microtech Gefell CMV 563 / M7 S

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Microtech Gefell CMV 563 / M7 S

The Gefell CMV 563 / M7 S is a reissue of the 1950’s legendary valve microphone of the same name and comes with the M7 cardioid capsule

Just as the original was in 1956, the Gefell CMV 563 / M7 S is handmade by Gefell in Germany. Not only has Gefell reissued a classic microphone, it has gone to great length to ensure that original capsules can be used on the same body and vice versa. To accommodate both new and old capsules, the CMV 563 comes with a G/B adapter to accommodate both bayonet-type and screw-type capsules all the same.

Gefell has made some noteworthy improvements to its original design to improve its performance to match our modern requirements and standards. For a start, the new CMV 563 uses an EF86 pentode tube wired in triode mode for high dynamic range operations and low noise performance.

As ever with Gefell, no corners were cut in rebuilding this classic legend, and has been been through rigorous testing and vetting throughout the whole process from design to completion. Each microphone is inspected individually and goes through a rigorous three-way testing to ensure that all aspects match the high standards Geffel is known for. Finally the micropohnes are tested in an anechoic chamber for final measurements and listening tests.

The beautiful CMV 563 microphone comes in a sharp mahogany-coloured wooden case with blue velvet lining and includes the CMV563, the M7S capsule, the D 563.1 microphone cable, the EA 92 elastic suspension and the G/B adapter.

Gefell CMV 563 /  M7S Large Diaphragm Main Features:

  • Tube condenser microphone with EF86 tube
  • Includes M7S cardioid capsule
  • G/B adapter, included, allows operation with vintage M55K, M7, M8, and M9 capsules
  • Comes with N 61 power supply
  • EA 92 elastic suspension and C 563.1 mic cable included
  • Presented in a mahogany-colored wooden box

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