Microtech Gefell M930 Ts - Nickel

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The Microtech Gefell M930 TS Nickel is a compact cardioid large-diaphragm microphone designed to bring the benefits of large diaphragm capsules together with an optimised output transformer and newly developed circuit.

The Microtech Gefell M930 TS achieves incredible performance with negligible distortion combined with improved low frequency response, very low noise and high sound pressure level. In addition the use of transformer adds desirable colouration compared to the transformerless M930.

The M930 Ts uses Microtech Gefell’s own capsule which is employed in other microphones such as the UM930, and UM930 Twin. The capsule has a diaphragm of 28mm with gold-plated polyester membrane and is shockmounted within the headbasket to reduce structure born noise. The microphone exhibits a high frequency bump of 2.5dB between 6kHz and 12kHz to raise speech intelligibility and thanks to the output transformer; the M930 Ts can be used with longer cable length with negligible quality loss.

The M930 is extremely versatile and can be used in broadcast applications or recording solo instruments or vocals as well as spot microphone within an instrumental group.

Microtech Gefell M930 Ts Main Features:

  • Big output transformer with optimized circuit
  • Low frequency transmission with negligible distortion
  • Lower low frequency response
  • Extreme dynamic range
  • Noise floor 7 dB(A)
  • Highly balanced output
  • High solid-borne sound attenuation
  • Compact design

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