Millennia HV-35P Hi-Z Instrument and Microphone Preamp

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High-quality portable microphone and instrument preamplifier delivering up to 70dB of clean gain, and can be powered with a camera battery.

The Milliennia HV-35P is a portable ultra-transparent microphone and instrument preamplifier and DI box ready for the road.

The Millennia HV-35P delivers up to 70dB of ultra-clean gain and transparent tone and can be powered with a camera battery. A DC-couple Ribbon mode adds 10dB of gain makes it ideal for low-gain dynamic and ribbon microphones. A 15dB Pad and 80Hz High-pass filters are included as well as the usual phantom power and polarity reversal switches.

Millennia HV-35 Microphone and Instrument Preamp Key Features:

  • World-class Millennia transparency in a portable preamp and active DI
  • Microphone preamp offers up to 70dB of continuously variable gain
  • DC-coupled ribbon mic setting offers a 10dB gain boost
  • Gentle 3dB highpass filter let you smoothly roll off lows starting at 80Hz
  • Switchable 48V phantom power, -15dB pad, and polarity flip also onboard
  • Can run on 12-15V DC battery power (power supply included)

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