Millennia TD-1

Recording Channel


Compact and sophisticated analogue "channel strip" for microphones, electric guitars and basses, acoustic instrument transducers, keyboards, DAWs, and all MIDI systems.

At a glance

  • HV-3 Discrete Hybrid Mic & Instrument Preamplifier (+65 dB Gain - more on rqst)
  • High Voltage 100% Vacuum Tube Instrument Input + Variable Impedance (470K to 10M)
  • 100% Discrete Solid-State Instrument Input + Variable Impedance (470K to 10M)
  • Class-A, 100% Discrete, DC-Coupled Line Output Amplifier Stage (-105 dB Noise)
  • NSEQ-Style Fully Parametric Dual-band Equaliser (Full Sweep 20 Hz - 25 kHz)
  • Millennia DIT-01 DI output Transformer (-3 dB @ 3 Hz & 300 kHz)
  • Patented Reamp Les Paul & Stratocaster Guitar Simulation Outputs (2)
  • Speaker Soak Direct Guitar Amplifier Input Technology
  • Internal 50V & 200V High Voltage Audio Path Rails (Less than .0005% THD)
  • Audiophile-grade 1/4" headphone output with individual level control
  • Musically-rich vintage DI vacuum tube available
  • Input / Output / Power ground-Lift Switches ~ Total Hum elimination
  • Indestructible steel chassis with (removable) leather carrying handle
  • Effortless, lifelike musical performance at all dynamic levels (+32 dB output)
  • Oversize rubber feet (removable) ~ takes big abuse on stage & studio floor
  • Built-in coupling hardware for TD-1 Stereo Pair in 19" rack
  • Worldwide internal toroid power, switchable 100 / 120 / 220 / 240 VA

The Millennia TD-1 Recording Channel is a compact yet sophisticated analogue "channel strip" for microphones, electric guitars and basses, acoustic instrument transducers, keyboards, DAWs, and all MIDI systems. TD-1 "Twin Direct" includes Millennia's acclaimed HV-3 microphone preamplifier, making TD-1 an uncompromised front-end for virtually any audio recording application. Some have called TD-1 a Mini-Origin.

Audio engineers no longer need to chose between tube front-end or solid-state front-end. TD-1's instrument input employs Twin Topology ~ Millennia's innovative merging of vacuum tube and solid-state circuit topologies. TD-1 offers a high voltage 100% vacuum tube instrument amplifier -or- transparent 100% discrete F.E.T. solid-state instrument amplifier in the same indestructible military-grade chassis. Both topologies can be switch selected and musically tuned via three selectable input impedances (470K / 2M / 10M). Up to 65 dB of adjustable microphone and instrument gain is available via front-panel control.

Recording directly from any guitar amplifier is now possible with Millennia's innovative Speaker Soak technology. Simply connect any parallel speaker output (300W max) and start recording the authentic character of your guitar amplifier output under true dynamic speaker loading. Audiophile-grade headphone output with separate level control is also provided for pre-auditioning.

A fully sweepable NSEQ-style parametric equalizer (20 Hz - 25 kHz) provides an unlimited range of adjustable tonality. NSEQ is the same equalizer used by top mastering facilities around the globe. Ultra-transparent NSEQ bands are provided for high-resolution audio sculpting of instruments such as guitars, bass, and keyboards, or artistic and corrective work ~ adding "air" and "punch," removing "mud," and so forth ~ all with the smooth and artefact-free audio qualities for which NSEQ is well respected.

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