Mojave MA-37

Valve Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Modern valve microphone inspired by some of the most revered vintage microphones.

At a glance

  • David Royer’s re-creation of the legendary Sony C-37a tube condenser microphone
  • Simple and elegant design based around a single-stage tube amplifier
  • Smooth, ribbon-like sound flatters every source, from vocals and acoustic instruments to guitar amps and drums
  • Premium components include an EF806 vacuum tube, a Lundahl transformer, and a custom capsule manufactured in California
  • Signature u-shaped shockmount yoke secures the microphone and prevents low-frequency rumble
  • Dedicated power supply with 3 highpass filter options: Flat (M), 100Hz (V1), and 200Hz (V2)
  • Adjustable tuned acoustic chamber for switching between cardioid and omnidirectional operation — accessed via a small rear port

The Mojave Audio MA-37 is a modern take on the legendary Sony C-37A Tube Large-diaphragm condenser microphone, using an EF86 Tube, a Lundahl transformer and a proprietary capsule. 

The Mojave Audio MA-37 delivers the same high headroom and darker tone of the original thanks to a custom capsule manufactured in California to match the original gold-sputtered Mylar capsule. An EF806 tube replaces the original 6AU6 pentode tube configured as a triode. It also boasts the same mechanical chamber to change the polar pattern between omni and cardioid

Furthermore, a lot of attention was placed on the mic’s housing, grille and shockmount yoke to match stringent quality standards to make it a true studio workhorse. It also includes a heavy dedicated power supply with three high-pass filtering options: M (Flat), V1 (100Hz), V2 (200Hz). 

The frequency response ranges from 30Hz to 18kHz +/-3dB. The top-end roll-off creates a silky-smooth upper-frequency response making it ideal for overly sibilant vocalists or to tame harsh cymbals. 

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