Moon Modular 2VS System

MU format (5U) Two voice synthesizer system


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a pre assembled dual voice 5U format synthesizer that contains a two full synthesizer voices, based on Moons acclaimed M501D Dual VCO and their exceptional M517S dual mode filter. Housed in a vintage style tolex cabinet.

At a glance

  • Dual voice 5U modular synthesizer
  • Includes two full subtractive voices
  • Internal normalization
  • Housed in a vintage tolex cabinet

What we think

Two full voices of 5u goodness in a single rack, a superb starter system or a great addition to any serious live performance setup, Moons TVS compiles two full voices into a single system, letting you form complex modulations and voice arrangements in a single system.

The Moon Modular 2VS is a dual voice 5U modular synthesizer that provides two full synthesizer voices plus modulation in a single vintage tolex case.

Based on Moon's acclaimed M501D Dual VCO and their lovely M517S dual-mode filter, this system gives you all the essential building blocks to form complex subtractive patches, powerful bass tones, leads and more.

The system's internal normalization scheme means much of the system's functionality can be performed without the need to patch in a single cable.

Modules included: 

  • 2 x M 501D Dual Oscillator
  • 2 x M 526 Mixer
  • 2 x M 517S  Low Pass/High Pass Filter
  • 2 x M 511D  Dual Envelope Generator
  • M 524 Quad Low Frequency Oscillator
  • M 526 Mixer
  • M 594 Multiple
  • M 551CP Dual Midi to Voltage Converter
  • M 543 CP 4 Channel CV Output Mixer

A perfect starter system or a great additional set of voices for an established setup.

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