Moon Modular 530 Stereo Digital Delay

MU format (5U) Digital Delay Module


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Moon Modular 530 Stereo Digital Delay

At a glance

  • Delay time 3–3000 ms
  • Tap and clock synchronization of delay
  • Time Reverse delay mode 
  • Hold mode samples up to 40 seconds of audio (hold mode) with overdub feature (add)
  • Trigger control over Hold, Add and reverse
  • CV control over delay time, dry/wet mix and feedback

The Moon Modular 530 is a true stereo digital delay module, with a myriad of delay modes, a tonne of CV control, giving precise, pristine digital delays with the benefit of full voltage control.

530 provides both a tape and a digital setting for the delays tonality, which changes how the repeated audio acts, plus there's also a pingpong setting which can be switched on and off, for even more fine control.

Four ping-able inputs, can be used to switch on the hold, overdub, delay reverse and can also be used to clock the delay at the tap input. Three CV inputs provide control over delay time, wet to dry mix ration and feedback amount.

The 530 is the kind of delay every system should have, an instrument in it's own right that can be used to make even the most simple patch come to life.

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