Moon Modular 6FB Fixed Filter Bank System

MU format (5U) Filter Bank System


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The Moon Modular - 6FB Filterbank is a beautifully crafted vintage-style 8-module Filterbank system housed in a cabinet, adorned with tolex covering and made of high-quality wooden material.

Notably, the Moon Modular - 6FB Filterbank has a front lid and a reliable power supply, delivering ±15 V and +5 V to ensure stable and efficient operation.

Within this extraordinary Filterbank, you'll find an impressive array of modules that cater to your audio filtering needs. Let's explore the included modules:

  1. M 525 Reversible Attenuator: This versatile module allows you to attenuate audio signals and offers reversible functionality, providing precise control over signal levels.

  2. M 508IO Band Pass Bank Controller: Facilitating the common voltage control of all filters, this module boasts a central input and output for the audio signal, streamlining your filter configurations.

  3. M 508L VC Low Pass Filter (12db): With Voltage Control over Frequency, Resonance, and Gain, this module delivers smooth and dynamic low-pass filtering capabilities.

  4. M 508B VC Band Pass Filter (6db): Offering Voltage Control over Frequency, Bandwidth, and Gain (Cut/Boost), this module operates as a versatile VC parametric filter.

  5. M 508H VC High Pass Filter (12db): Empowering you with Voltage Control over Frequency, Resonance, and Gain, this module delivers powerful high-pass filtering for your audio needs.

An exciting feature of this Filterbank is the ability to override the internal connections from/to the 508IO module by simply patching the inputs and output of any filter module.

The Moon Modular - 6FB Filterbank is a dream come true for audio enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive and vintage-inspired filtering solution. Whether shaping sounds, crafting unique textures, or experimenting with sonic possibilities, this Filterbank's exceptional modules and design will elevate your music production experience.

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