Moon Modular CSS Compact Sequencing System

MU format (5U) Compact Sequencing System

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a pre-assembled performance focused 5U modular system, housed in a 3P tolex chassis. It includes all the modules you need to make drones, bass lines, leads and percussive phrases. A true performance system like no other

The Moon Modular CSS is a pre-assembled 5U performance system that provides a dual VCO monophonic synthesizer voice and a powerful assortment of sequencing tools in a 3P Tolex case, ideal for building basslines, percussive sequences and much more.

Moon Modulars Compact Sequencing System is the perfect starter system for those who are looking to get into modular synths or the MU / 5U format, it's been designed to provide you with enough tools to build complex sequences, with a simple, yet high quality, amazing sounding monophonic voice.

The core synthesis voice is based around Gerts rather excellent 501D Dual VCO and the lovely 517S variable filter, these two modules provide the fat, raw tones you'd associate with a modular of this calibre, giving you plenty of flexibility to craft everything from thunderous bass tones, soaring leads and obscure textures too.

And what would a sequencing system be without a sequencer? Onboard there's a 569 quad sequential voltage source, which is a very configurable four channel CV sequencer, with it's ESB and EGB expander modules to boot, this three module sequencing system lets you craft everything from Berlin style sequences, through to pseudo random and everything in between.

There's also two CP format utility modules, letting you adapt your Moog legacy Cinch jones connectors (V-String) to gate outputs (S-trig), meaning you can easily adapt your legacy Moog modules into the CSS system and beyond.

The CSS doesn't include any LFO's (directly) and was designed to be played, with a very performance focused layout, this machine begs to be tweaked, manhandled and pushed into weird directions.

The main features of the Moon Modular CSS include

  • 5u performance system
  • Contains a dual VCO monophonic voice
  • Plus 569 sequencer and all expanders
  • Housed in a 3P format tolex case
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