Moon Modular M 500-P Powered Tolex Cabinet

MU format (5U) powered tolex cabinet


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a vintage inspired Powered Tolex Cabinet, it provides 16 total MU spaces and 2 CP spaces. It delivers clean, stable power with .com connections that can make not only a solid studio system but also a portable 5U system too.

The Moon Modular M 500-P is a 16 MU and 2 CP space tolex cabinet that includes +/-15 volts of .com / Moon format power connections, that gives you an excellent solution for a studio centric and portable synthesizer system.

This case includes a removable lid that keeps your modules safe during transport or dust free whilst out of use in the studio. All cabling to power your module selection is included.

For a real deal tolex 5U case, look no further than the Moon M500-P.

The main features of the Moon Modular M500-P include

  • 16-space MU and 2 space CP format tolex case
  • Power supply for Moon and .com format
  • Power cables included
  • Removable lid for storage and protection

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