Moon Modular M 500-R1 Powered Rack

MU format (5U) 8 space MU format powered rack

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an eight space MU format synthesizer case, the lets you house your 5U system in any rack case of your choice, it provides 15v +/- of super clean power, with connectors for both .com and COTK format modules

The Moon Modular M500-R1 is an eight space MU / 5U format powered rack case, which provides 8 full MU format spaces in a 19" 5U format rack case, perfect for housing in a studio environment or a tidy small format live rig.

Moon modular make an array of these rack cases, ranging from a 19" 5U 8 space case, a 19" 10u 16 space case and a 19" 15u 16 space plus two CP row case, each provide you with a solution of rack mounting a modular system and provide .com and COTK format power to all of your modules.

Each rack case is 11.5cm deep, giving you more than enough room for most MU format modules. Each case takes power from a DC barell input, and each system comes with a high capacity power adaptor, meaning you can effectively connect almost anything without hitting any kind of power limitations.

Moon modular's lineup of cases deliver quality and reliability, and their rack systems allow you to house your modules in a variety of ways, giving you the most flexibility to design a casing solution that's all your own.

The main features of the Moon Modular M500-R1 include

  • 19" 5u 8 space case for MU format modules
  • Includes power connectors for .com and COTK format modules
  • 11.5cm deep, plenty of space for most size modules
  • Available in three sizes
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