Moon Modular M 500-RP Powered Rack

10U 16 space MU format powered rack

CAP2: 0 £569.00
£474.17 ex VAT
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a 10U powered rack case that holds up to 16 Moog format modules, two CP format modules and provides 1U of multiples for extra patching flexibility. The M500 allows you to pick the case of your choice without skimping on space.

The Moon Modular M 500-RP is a 14U .com format powered rackmount case designed to house two rows of 5U modules and a single row of CP format modules, with onboard multiples across the bottom, freeing up spare for more important module choices.

M500 RP includes a tonne of .com format connection power cables, which connect to the onboard, high output power supply, delivering super clean +/-15 volt and +5v volts to give you the very best out of your modular system.

The case is 10cm deep from the very front to the very back of the case, giving you ample clearance for almost any depth of module.

A solid choice for a studio based system or the travelling synthesist, the M500RP lets house your modules in style.

The main features of the Moon Modular M500 RP include

  • House up to 16 MU format modules and two CP modules
  • Includes a tonne of .com format power connectors
  • 14u rackmount case, will fit into a wide array of mixer cases

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