Moon Modular M 501 D Dual VCO

MU format (5U) dual VCO Module

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a dual VCO module in 5U format, it provides two independent oscillator circuits with a wide operation range and a vast array of modulation options. There's 6 waveforms onboard, each with their own output and onboard FM too.

The Moon Modular M 501 D is a Dual VCO circuit that comprises of two independent oscillators that can be operated separate from each other, or in together to create big, thick tones and textures.

At its core the M501D is a flexible dual VCO with a super wide frequency range, it has 6 selectable waveforms and runs at sub (LFO) ranges, all the way up to 2 feet, each oscillator includes a frequency switch, master tuning, frequency modulation attenuverter and a pulse width modulation input with attenuator.

The shared controls which both VCO's respond to run down the centre of the module, contained in the white outline. For starters, there's a oscillator sync switch, PWM attenuators for each VCO for creating HUGE square wave tones and a master waveform select pot. There's also a shared CV input, which is super handy if you're planning to FM the VCO's into one another and want them to track proportionality.

The M501 also includes simultaneous waveform outputs derived from VCO 2, you have access to a sine, saw and square wave whilst also having access to the waveform you've selected at the waveform select section.

This is a simple, yet incredibly powerful VCO with a tonne of possibilities.

The main features of the Moon Modular M501 D Dual VCO include

Dual VCO Circuit

Can operate as two independant VCO's

Incredibly wide frequency range

5U high, 2 units wide

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