Moon Modular M 509 VC Band/Low Pass Filter

MU Format (5U) Bandpass and Lowpass filter module

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Dual-mode filtering with switchable Bandpass and Low-pass options, voltage-controllable cutoff frequency, enhanced voltage-controlled regeneration, manual and CV controls for cutoff frequency and resonance, and a Bandpass/Low-pass toggle switch, making it a versatile and essential tool for professional audio manipulation.

At a glance

  • Dual-mode filter functionality (Bandpass and Low-pass)
  • Voltage controllable cutoff frequency
  • Voltage controlled regeneration, enhancing the original design
  • Attenuator for precise modulation control
  • Dedicated inputs for CV control of cutoff frequency and resonance

The Moon Modular M509 is a Bandpass and Low-pass filter module for the 5U Modular format (MU), drawing inspiration from the celebrated Formanta Radio Factory Polivoks synthesizer of 1982. This versatile module offers professional-grade sound manipulation capabilities, making it a crucial addition for any modular synthesist looking to recreate classic sounds or explore new sonic territories.

Innovative Dual-Mode Design

This module seamlessly switches between Bandpass and Low-pass filtering modes, providing a flexible toolkit for shaping audio signals. The Low-pass mode features a 12 dB/octave filter slope, perfect for smooth, rounded sound sculpting. In contrast, the Bandpass mode operates at 6 dB/octave, ideal for isolating frequencies and adding a distinct character to audio tracks.

Hands-On Control and Connectivity

Enhance your sound design with comprehensive manual controls and multiple connectivity options. The M509 offers manual cutoff frequency and resonance controls, allowing precise adjustments on the fly. For automated modulation, the module is equipped with direct and attenuated CV inputs for cutoff frequency and a CV input for resonance modulation. An integrated toggle switch enables quick switching between filter modes, empowering users with on-the-spot tonal changes.

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