Moon Modular M 518 VC Low Pass Gate

MU Format (5U) Low Pass Gate

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Low-pass gate module combining a voltage-controlled low-pass filter and VCA in one compact unit, enhanced by manual and voltage control over key sound parameters, making it a versatile choice for any modular synthesizer setup.

At a glance

  • Switchable between low pass filter and VCA
  • Voltage controllable cutoff frequency and resonance
  • 12 dB/octave filter slope
  • Manual and voltage control over key parameters
  • Comprehensive CV connectivity for extensive modulation capabilities

The Moon Modular M518 is a low-pass gate module for the 5U Modular format (MU). This module is inspired by the innovative modules designed by Don Buchla in the 1970s, specifically from his celebrated West Coast-style modular synthesizers. The M518 combines the versatility of a low-pass filter with a voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA), offering separate functions and unison.

Design and Functionality

The M518 stands out with its switchable function between a low-pass filter and a VCA. This flexibility allows users to manipulate the filter's cutoff frequency, which is fully controllable via voltage. Moreover, the module features a unique characteristic where the filter resonance is voltage-controllable, enhancing its dynamic range and usability in creating complex soundscapes. The low pass filter presents a 12 dB per octave slope, perfect for fine-tuning audio outputs.

Controls and Connectivity

Professionals will appreciate the detailed manual controls provided on the M518. It offers manual cutoff frequency control, gate offset value, and resonance controls, allowing for precise adjustments. Users can toggle between low pass, gate only, or both in combination, providing extensive flexibility. The module is well-equipped with an attenuator for modulation of the cutoff frequency and gate offset value, alongside dedicated CV inputs for cutoff frequency and resonance modulation.

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