Moon Modular M 567 V Universal Programmer w/Display

MU format (5U) Preset Manager Module

CAP2: 0 £375.00
£312.50 ex VAT
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The Moon Modular M 567v Universal Programmer is a preset module for the M595 12x12 Switch/Send Matrix system. It allows for easy storage and recall of routing options.

The Moon Modular M 567v Universal Programmer boasts 99 memory locations, each with an independent edit buffer. This setup provides a comprehensive storage capacity for various programming tasks.

The programmer features an endless rotary encoder to navigate and interact with these memory locations. This encoder is paired with an integrated pushbutton, allowing the dial to a specific memory location. Users can use this functionality to confirm or abort commands such as RECALL, SAVE, COPY, or CLEAR.

In addition to the rotary encoder, the programmer includes lower "go to" buttons/jacks. These buttons/jacks facilitate stepping through memory positions, allowing users to navigate forward and reverse directions. Notably, they can even respond to trigger pulses originating from external sources, enhancing the programmer's versatility and adaptability.

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