Moon Modular M 590 M CP Format Quad Switched Multiple

CP Format Quad Multiple


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a CP format quad multiples module that allows you to multiply a single signal and send that signal around to multiple destinations, great for CV control over multiple VCO's and creating complex modulation signals

The Moon Modular M590 M CP is a CP Format Quad Multiple module, designed to allow you to split and multiply everything from audio to control voltages around your system.


The implementation of this particular multiple circuit is quite ingenious, by including break points you can stop the internal signal normalling in it's tracks and convert this module to a complete 4x4 multiple, to into a 1x16 multiple etc. it's really configurable and can serve a multitude of applications.


At just one CP module size, this doesn't take up hardly any real estate for the variety of applications it serves, so if you've got CP space....make use of it with the M590.


The main features of the Moon Modular M590MCP include

  • Single slot CP format module
  • Can function in a variety of ways thanks to the break points
  • MU format, .com screw alignment

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