Moon Modular M 595 12x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix Bundle

12x12 Patch Matrix System

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The Moon Modular M 595 12x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix Bundle comprises the M595 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix, The M595 I Input module, the M595 O Output module and the M 567v Universal Programmer module.

The Moon Modular M 595 12x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix Bundle is a versatile solution designed to streamline the management of both distribution and mixing for a grid of 12 by 12 DC-coupled and buffered inputs and outputs, all accomplished through a fully analogue setup boasting a precision-engineered signal path.

This remarkable device offers a wide array of features to enhance your audio and signal routing experience. In INPUT MODE, you can easily switch between Routing/Distribution (off/on) or mixing signals (off/third/two-thirds/full). Whether you need to distribute or blend your signals, this matrix covers you.

One standout feature is the LINK MODE, which allows you to pair inputs and outputs efficiently. This capability enables you to immediately handle combinations such as the CV and GATE outputs of a sequencer or stereo audio signal. The convenience of this mode empowers you to create complex signal pathways effortlessly.

The M 567v Universal Programmer feature sets this matrix apart as a powerful tool for signal management. With 99 memory locations and an independent edit buffer, you can store and recall your preferred signal configurations, making it perfect for setups that require frequent changes and experimentation.

User-friendly design elements add to the matrix's appeal. You'll find dedicated input mode buttons that allow you to toggle the 12 inputs from summer to distributor mode, simplifying the control of each input's functionality. Additionally, the matrix has 144 illuminated push buttons, enabling you to specify the connections for the 12 inputs and 12 outputs with precision and clarity.

To further enhance your signal routing capabilities, the matrix provides six link buttons, which allow you to combine input pairs to act in parallel. For instance, you can easily link pitch-voltage and gate signals, expanding your creative possibilities in signal routing and modulation.

The PROGRAMMABLE SWITCH/SUMMER MATRIX is a comprehensive solution offering unparalleled control and flexibility in managing 12 by 12 DC-coupled and buffered inputs and outputs with high-precision analogue signal processing. Its array of features, including input modes, link capabilities, a powerful programmer, and user-friendly controls, make it a must-have tool for audio and signal routing enthusiasts.

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