Moon Modular M564V2 CP Sequential Divider Switch

CP format Sequential Divider Switch Module


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a Sequential Divider Switch which is a multi-function module designed to allow quick and easy clock divisions to add variety, and quick variations to your sequences and patches. Great for live play and jamming.

The Moon Modular M564 CP is a Moog CP Format Quad Sequential Divider Switch, which can serve as both a 4-1 divider or a 1-4 divider.

M564 receives an external clock source at one of it's four inputs and gives you 6 positions to divide or even skip the incomming signal. The ratios are;

Skip: skip step

1: shift trigger after one pulse

2: shift after two clock pulses

3: shift after 3 clock pulses

4: shift after 4 clock pulses

8: shift after 8 clock pulses

Each divided signal has its own dedicated output, allowing for custom signal routing letting you form complex events and patterns in your system.

The main features of the Moon Modular M564 CP include

  • Quad sequential clock divider
  • Independent outputs for each divider
  • CP format
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