Moon Modular Matrix PT 12x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix System w/ PTop

12x12 Patch Matrix System

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The Moon Modular M 595 12x12 Programmable Switch/Summer Matrix PT System is an all-in-one solution for efficiently handling signal distribution and mixing within a 12 by 12 grid of DC-coupled, buffered inputs and outputs. This analogue setup ensures precision in signal routing housed in the reliable P-Top case.

This versatile device revolutionizes signal management, offering two primary modes. The INPUT MODE seamlessly toggles between Routing/Distribution or signal mixing, providing a comprehensive solution for efficiently distributing and blending signals.

A standout feature, the LINK MODE, efficiently pairs inputs and outputs, simplifying complex signal pathways. This capability streamlines the handling of various combinations, like sequencer CV and GATE outputs or stereo audio signals, offering effortless creation of intricate signal paths.

The M 567v Universal Programmer sets it apart, elevating the matrix's functionality with 99 memory locations and an independent edit buffer. This feature allows storage and recall of preferred signal configurations, perfect for setups demanding frequent changes.

User-friendly design elements further enhance its usability. Dedicated input mode buttons simplify control, toggling the 12 inputs between summer and distributor modes. Additionally, the matrix boasts 144 illuminated push buttons, ensuring precise and clear connection specifications for inputs and outputs.

The matrix's six link buttons expand creative possibilities by enabling the combination of input pairs in parallel, enriching signal routing and modulation potential. Overall, the PROGRAMMABLE SWITCH/SUMMER MATRIX offers unparalleled control and flexibility in handling 12 by 12 DC-coupled and buffered inputs and outputs, making it a must-have for signal-routing enthusiasts.

The system has a PT-8 powered Tolex case that powers the modules. The case also includes a front lid to protect the module on the road. 

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