Motas Electronics MOTAS 6 Analogue Synthesizer

Desktop analogue synthesizer

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Motas Electronics MOTAS 6 Analogue Synthesizer

The Motas Electronics MOTAS-6 is a three oscillator analogue synth that integrates a rich analogue architecture with a incredibly powerful and intuitive digital control layer, providing the best of analogue sound, with precise digital control.


MOTAS-6 is the culmination of years of research and development and multiple iterations of MOTAS synths, version 6 is the latest instrument crafted by Jon Hayes, the man behind the MOTAS project.


At its core this synthesizer has three multi-wave complex VCOs, three VCFs, and single VCA with a completely analogue architecture and paraphonic playing capabilities, what sets it apart from the pack is it’s incredibly versatile modulation capabilities:


Each pot features its own modulation page where you can freely assign any of the 37 LFOS, 37 envelopes, MIDI controller commands or the CV inputs to said control, making for a deep and unique sound design platform. Furthermore you can freely route the post VCO signal into and around the filter section as you desire.


When it comes to filters, there are three onboard: a 6 pole low pass filter where you can mix out of any given pole, another low pass filter with a voicing characteristic similar to the TB-303 and a high pass filter. As mentioned previously, the signal patch can be completely configured to your liking, to make for sweet, rich, pole sweeping effects and much more.


All of this complexity wouldn’t be possible without a clean UI and the MOTAS6 has just that. A crisp, clear OLED display that is contextually sensitive to the control you’re manipulating at that time, it can even provide spectral analysis of the outgoing signal or function as an oscilloscope if desired.


And did I mention there’s also a insane step sequencer with parameter recording and recall? Yeah, there’s that too.


The MOTAS-6 is a unique and powerful addition to the synth market, its “modular” workflow and staggering versatility make it an absolute must have for any serious sound designer or live performer who wants to cover as many sounds as possible in one box.


The main features of the MOTAS Electronics MOTAS-6 Include


Three oscillator analogue synthesizer


Analogue sound quality with precise digital control


Three configurable analogue filters


Deep, rich, modulation capabilities


High quality OLED display

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