Mytek Manhattan II DAC

Audiophile Mastering grade digital to analogue converter with DSD and MQA support


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Audiophile Mastering grade Digital to analogue converter with high-resolution PCM 32-bit/384kHz, DSD 256 11.2 mHz

The Mytek Manhattan II is an updated version of their highly praised Manhattan digital to analogue converter featuring the world’s highest performance 130dB Sabre 9038 DAC chipset, Femto Clocking, DSD 256 support and MQA hardware decoder.

The Mytek Manhattan II uses the same superb sculpted chassis and power supply as the original but features a completely redesigned main board which includes the latest Sabre 9038 DAC chipset and upgraded Femto C777 clock. This results in substantial sound quality improvements with better detail and resolution. Another improvement includes the new state of the art analogue preamplification, which offers unsurpassed transparency.


The Mytek Manhattan offers super high-resolution supporting both PCM 32-bit / 384kHz DXD and Quad DSD256 11.2MHz. Furthermore, the Manhattan II boasts MQA Hi-res decoder for playback of the newly approved MQA compressed format.

Physical connections are plentiful, including USB 2, AES/EBU, 3x S/PDIF, Toslink and SDIF digital inputs, RCA Line and XLR Line analogue inputs. outputs include RCA, Balanced XLR which can be used simultaneously and two headphone outputs.

What is MQA?

MQA is an audio codec for audio compression. It is a lossy format but is considered to be the only professional and audiophile compression codec. It works in a truly unique way, letting you capture 100% of the original performance and fold it into a file small enough to be streamed. The difference is that the file is being approved in the studio by producers and mastering engineers through specific toolsets to accommodate all playback scenarios all at higher than CD-quality (88.2kHz or 96kHz). The number of unfolding (the quality of the playback) is dependent on the connected MQA decoder ranging from MQA Core Decoder to MQA full decoder which the Mytek Manhattan II is.

While still relatively new, MQA has caused a stir since its introduction is considered to be one of the most exciting things to have happened to digital audio formats recently. Tidal has been the first major streaming company to adopt MQA.

Mytek Manhattan II Digital to Analogue Converter Main Features:

  • World's highest performance 130dB Sabre 9038 DAC chipset.
  • 32-bit integer Class 2 USB2 driverless audio interface
  • World class transparent analogue preamp attenuators
  • Roon Ready optional network card
  • MQA ® hardware decoder
  • Improved optional phono preamplifier card
  • New, easy to navigate menu system
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