Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate

The Ultimate Package of NI Instruments, Effects and Synthesizers

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The Ultimate Package of NI Instruments, Effects and Synthesizers

At a glance

  • Includes 115 products, 39 expansions, more than 65,000 sounds

  • Over 600GB of content

Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate is the industry-standard production suite that has become the benchmark by which all others are measured by, and Komplete 14 is no different, with 100+products, more than 65,000 sounds, and over 600 GB of instruments and effects, there's something for every type of producer.


What's new in Komplete 14 Ultimate?


For the release of version 14 NI have updated a few industry favourites and introduced some brand new instruments, new in version 14:

  • Kontakt 7 - Latest version of the ultimate soft sampler with brand new factory library and many user-experience updates
  • Ashlight: A granular instrument to create immersive atmospheres and rich textures
  • Sequis: The ultimate acoustic instrument playground
  • Session Guitarist: Picked Nylon - Great sounding sample-based nylon guitar with over 200 patterns and additional melody instrument
  • Session Guitarist: Electric Vintage - The sound of the vintage 1950s solid body electric guitars with over 230 patterns and additional melody instruments
  • Piano Colors - Inspiring instruments pushing the limits of a grand piano
  • Action Strings 2 - full string orchestra with over 31GB samples and articulations
  • Spotlight collection: East Asia - Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean instruments all beautifully captured and organised in an intuitive production instrument.
  • Plugin Alliance Effects: A collection of mixing tools
  • Pay Series Additions 40s Drums, Keys, Deft lines, Ignition keys, Empire breaks, soul sessions, glaze and melted vibes
  • 30 new expansions including Lunar Echoes, System Clash, Trill Rays, Sacred Futures, Concrete Sounds, Fade, Kino, Haze, Quest Bounce, and more

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