Neumann Atmos (3x KH420, 4 x KH310, 4 x KH120, 1 x KH870)

Atmos Studio Monitor Bundle

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Includes 3x KH420, 4x KH310, 4x KH120 and one KH870 subwoofer to setup an atmos system

The Neumann Atmos Bundle includes all the speakers necessary to set up an Atmos system.

The bundle includes the following:

  • 3x Neumann KH420
  • 4x Neumann KH310
  • 4x Neumann KH120
  • 1x Neumann KH870

Neumann KH 420

The Neumann KH 420 is a 3-way active studio monitor and an update on the highly praised Klein and Hummel O410 featuring the latest technique in acoustical, electronic and mechanical design.

The Neumann KH 420 is designed as the main monitor in medium-sized studios or midfield monitors in large facilities. Designed for music production, broadcast and post-production, the KH 420 monitors are equally at ease during tracking, mixing or mastering as part of a multi-channel setup.

Designed to represent a new benchmark in audio reproduction, the KH 420 monitors feature a new Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, optimised drivers and acoustical controls to provide the best possible sound in most situations. The 10" long-throw bass driver uses Extremely Linear Force Factor (ELFF) technology and a die-cast basket optimised to allow the most power and direct sound-reducing unwanted smearing of the bass, while the specifically designed bass reflex port with damped pipes provides additional power and extended low-frequency response. A 3" Mid driver and a 1" Tweeter make full use of Neumann's MMD waveguides with wide horizontal and narrow vertical planes offering a wide and focused sweet spot. The mid driver and tweeter can be rotated to use the studio monitors horizontally or vertically while providing the optimum sound diffraction.

The back of the monitors provides impressive controls from acoustical controls offering Low, Mid and HF cuts, complemented by a three-band parametric EQ with crossover controls, ensuring that the monitors fit perfectly in your room. An additional Gain control offers an Output Level control which activates the different stages of the powerful Class AB amplifier. An input gain knob complements this to ensure optimum gain structure.

Neumann KH 310

The Neumann KH 310 is an active 3-way studio monitor for near-field or part of a multichannel system.

The Neumann KH 310 features a Mathematical Modelled Dispersion Waveguide offering a wider sweet spot and minimising reflection from the mixing desk as well as 4-position bass, low-mid and treble controls for use in difficult acoustic environments.

The Neumann KH 310 uses a powerful combination of fabric domes, in-house designed drivers and high-power magnets to reduce distortion. The result is a much improved transient response and mid-range detail. The Neumann KH 310' s magnetically shielded and sealed cabinet provides a much more detailed bass transient response while avoiding standing waves resonance offering tighter imaging.

The Neumann KH 310 can be used as near-field or as part of a multi-channel setup such as 5.1 and can be used for tracking, mixing and mastering.

Neumann KH 120

The Neumann KH 120 A studio monitor is designed as a near-field loudspeaker or a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems. The KH 120 A represents the latest acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. It has a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide (MMD (TM), flexible acoustical controls, analogue class-AB amplifiers, a large headroom analogue input and an extensive mounting hardware range. All of this provides the user maximum versatility over various acoustic conditions, source equipment, and physical locations.

The KH 120 is perfect for tracking, mixing and mastering in music, broadcast, project and post-production studios.

Neumann KH 870

The Neumann KH 870 is an active subwoofer with two 10-inch woofers 7.1 high-definition bass manager and perfectly complements the Neumann range of studio monitors.

The Neumann KH 870 includes eight analogue channels to connect up to 7 satellites and four LFE modes to ensure compatibility across all surround formats up to 7.1. It features fourth-order crossovers and flexible acoustical controls to ensure perfect integration into any system.

Two powerful amplifiers power the two drivers and use high-quality components to provide a tight and articulate sound with distortion-free low-frequency reproduction all the way down to 18Hz, even at high replay levels. The Sum output provides Plane Wave Bass Array techniques to improve lateral consistency within the sweet spot. 

The KH 870 is the ideal complement to Neumann's range of studio monitors, including the KH 120, KH 310 and KH 420 and can be daisy-chained to larger multi-channel systems with higher SPL.

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