Neumann KH 120 mkII (Pair)

Two-way Active Studio Monitor with DSP

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The Neumann KH 120 II is an active studio monitor with enhanced performance and a strong DSP engine for improved track monitoring and mix production. 

Like its predecessor, the Neumann KH 120 II adheres to the idea of providing the finest linearity, lowest distortion, no colouration, and excellent adaptation to any acoustic situation. 

The KH 120 II features a highly linear frequency and phase response, resulting in pure mids with exceptional transparency, remarkable precision in the time domain, and accurate impulse reproduction with finely resolved reverbs. Furthermore, the DSP-controlled electronics enable intricate crossovers, eliminate phase distortion produced by analogue filters, and maintain tone constancy within narrow tolerances. With a suggested listening distance of 1-2 metres, the KH 120 II is suited for tiny rooms such as home and project studios, mixing and editing suites, and even impromptu control rooms for location work.

Neumann's Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide ensures a broad sweet spot. The inbuilt DSP permits room calibration using Neumann's Automatic Monitor Alignment, guaranteeing optimal adaptation to the room's character and ideal alignment for the listening position. The KH 120 II has analogue and S/PDIF inputs and is tonally compatible with other KH line studio monitors, allowing it to be used in mixed arrangements, including immersive setups.

Finally, the KH 120 II is energy-efficient, combining exceptional audio performance with Class D amplifier energy economy, providing up to 145 W to the 5.25" woofer and 100 W to the 1" tweeter while consuming only 17 W at idle. Furthermore, auto-standby decreases power consumption to 0.3 W when the KH 120 II is not used for an extended time but may be turned off.

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