Neumann KH 870 Active Studio Subwoofer

Active Subwoofer

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Active subwoofer with a unique bypassable 2.1/0.1 bass management and four LFE routing modes. It is the perfect complement for the KH 80 DSP, KH120 and KH 310 speakers.

The Neumann KH 870 is an active subwoofer with two 10 inch woofers, 7.1 high-definition bass manager and provides the perfect complement to the Neumann range of studio monitors.

The Neumann KH 870 includes eight analogue channels to allow for connection of up to 7 satellites and four LFE modes to ensure compatibility across all surround formats up to 7.1. It features fourth-order crossovers and flexible acoustical controls to ensure perfect integration to any system.

The two drivers are powered by two powerful amplifier and use high-quality components to provide a tight and articulate sound with distortion-free low-frequency reproduction all the way down to 18Hz even at high replay levels. The Sum output provides Plane Wave Bass Array techniques to improve lateral consistency within the sweet spot. 

The KH 870 is the ideal complement to Neumann’s range of studio monitors including the KH 120, KH 310 and KH 420 and can be daisy-chained to larger multi-channel systems with higher SPL.

Neumann KH 870 Main Features:

  • 7.1 Channel High Definition Bass Management compatible with all formats from mono to 7.1
  • Bypassable 4th order 80 Hz active crossover for maximum compatibility with consumer reproduction
  • 0 and +10 dB LFE gain and 4-mode LFE processing: LFE to subwoofer and left/right, LFE to subwoofer only up to 80 Hz, LFE to subwoofer only up to 120 Hz, LFE to subwoofer with no filtering - for daisy chaining subwoofers and external signal processing systems
  • Independent control of bass management for front and back channels
  • Built-in 8 channel system volume control with remote control: NRC 1 and RS-232
  • Acoustical controls adapt the subwoofer's response to the environment: Output level, Low cut, Parametric equalizer, 45° step phase control with a built-in test signal
  • Larger systems and Plane Wave Bass Arrays maybe constructed using the Sum output
  • Remoteable electronics (REK 3 and an SC nn) for installation convenience, less cabling, and convenience of use
  • Integrated electronic limiter for amplifier and driver protection
  • Low heat dissipation amplifier
  • Electronics can be remotely powered on with two modes of operation (0 V and 12 V trigger)
  • Low-frequency extension for main loudspeakers down to 18 Hz
  • Low distortion magnetically shielded long-throw driver
  • Reduced bass compression at high SPL from generously proportioned bass reflex ports
  • Large system with 6 dB higher output than KH 810
  • A main loudspeaker can be mounted onto a KH 870 to make a large 4-way column system
  • Allows main loudspeakers to play louder and with lower distortion
  • Wooden cabinet with a tough painted finish (anthracite or silver) and high-density rubber isolating feet
  • Excellent self-damping properties leading to minimal cabinet resonances
  • Cabinet look conforms to the family design

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