Neumann KM184 mt

Cardioid small diaphragm condenser microphone.

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The Neumann KM 184 Black is a state-of-the-art small diaphragm condenser mic known for precision and transparency. With low self-noise and high SPL capability, it's standard in stage and studio use. Part of the Neumann Series 180, offering varied pickup patterns. Versatile, delivering brilliant recordings.

The Neumann KM 184 Black is a cutting-edge small diaphragm condenser microphone at the forefront of modern audio technology. Its reputation as a high-quality recording tool is well-deserved, attributed to the exceptional features it brings to the table. Embracing a uniform, frequency-independent cardioid polar pattern, the KM 184 captures sound with unmatched precision, ensuring the source's every subtle nuance and detail is faithfully reproduced. This pristine transparency has made it a go-to choice for professionals across the globe, finding its place as a standard fixture in stage performances and studio recordings.

From capturing the delicate nuances of a classical piano concerto to handling the thunderous impact of heavy metal drums, the KM 184 shines across a diverse range of applications. Regardless of the sound source, this microphone consistently delivers impressive results, earning audio engineers and musicians accolades.

In an era where many microphones are designed to impart their unique sonic character, the demand for an accurate and uncoloured representation of the original acoustic event remains paramount. The Neumann Series 180, of which the KM 184 is an integral member, rises to meet this demand. The series comprises three distinct microphones, each featuring different pickup patterns tailored to specific recording needs. The KM 183 offers an omnidirectional pattern, the KM 185 a hypercardioid pattern, while the KM 184 retains its prized cardioid pattern, ensuring versatility for various stage and studio requirements.

In addition to its sonic excellence, the KM 184 impresses with its efficient and cost-effective design. Unlike its modular counterparts, the Series KM A and KM D, which offer interchangeable capsule heads for analogue and digital output stages, the non-modular construction of the Series 180 microphones allows for significant cost savings without compromising quality.

The KM 184's impressive technical specifications make it a standout choice. The frequency-independent cardioid pattern guarantees superb rejection of rearward sound, even at lower frequencies, an essential trait in complex multi-microphone setups and critical for precise stereo and surround sound imaging. The frequency response remains smooth and linear, enriched with a subtle treble lift around 9 kHz, adding brilliance to the recordings without artificial colouration.

Featuring an innovative transformerless head amplifier, the KM 184 maintains a wide dynamic range of 125 dB, preserving the microphone's sonic integrity throughout the recording process. Its remarkably low self-noise level of just 13 dB-A ensures clean and unobtrusive recordings. In contrast, its capacity to handle sound pressure levels up to 138 dB, free from distortion, opens up a world of possibilities for capturing even the most dynamic performances.

The microphone's low impedance output stage allows for extended cable runs of up to 300 meters (1000 feet) without any transmission loss, providing the freedom to place the microphone at a distance from the recording equipment without compromising the audio quality.

The KM 184's versatility is its true hallmark, making it a true workhorse microphone for studio and stage applications. Its transparent sound quality proves ideal for capturing the inherent beauty of acoustic instruments such as pianos, percussion, drums, acoustic guitars, upright bass, violins, cellos, woodwinds, and brass instruments. The microphone adapts effortlessly to recording soloists and ensembles alike, while its exceptional off-axis behaviour ensures impeccable stereo and surround sound imaging.

Though not specifically tailored for vocal use, the KM 184 finds a home in classical vocal recordings where authentic and uncoloured sonic reproduction is crucial for capturing the essence of the performance.

The microphone's compact size further enhances its appeal, making it visually unobtrusive and perfectly suited for television and radio applications, where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly blend.

In conclusion, the Neumann KM 184 Black is an extraordinary microphone, embodying the perfect harmony of technical prowess and artistic sensitivity. It is a staple in the arsenal of audio professionals seeking excellence in their recordings.

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