Neumann MA1 [508972]

Speaker and room calibration software

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Automatic monitor alignment system for Neumann studio monitors., Automatic monitor alignment system

At a glance

  • Exceptional acoustic results for stereo home and professional studio setups
  • Highest accuracy for tonality and impulse reproduction
  • Purpose built for stereo pairs of Neumann studio monitors
  • Correct your room with ease thanks to advanced calibration algorithms
  • Developed by the world’s leading institute for audio signal processing (IIS) for the best monitor quality possible
  • Easy to use software, compatible with both Mac and PC
  • No plug-in or special audio drivers required – everything is stored in the DSP-powered monitors for ease of use
  • Optimised amplitude response and phase thanks to dedicated software
  • Comes fully equipped with an individually calibrated measurement microphone

The Neumann MA-1 is an automatic monitor alignment system for Neumann studio monitors.

The Neumann MA-1 includes an individually calibrated measurement microphone and software with advanced calibration algorithms developed in partnership with Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits. The software optimises the frequency curve as well as the phase to ensure the highest tonal accuracy. Unlike other solutions which require a plug-in, the MA1 provides correction and stores alignment data directly within the DSP-powered monitors.

The MA-1 is designed to work with the Neumann KH 80 DSP monitors or any KH monitors connected to the KH750DSP subwoofer.

The MA-1 works by first listening to your acoustic environment through a guided step-by-step process and generate individual correction parameters based on room-specific target curves. The target curve can be further modified to suit the required needs.

The microphone connects to an audio interface with 48V phantom-power while an ethernet cable connects to the KH80 DSP or KH750 DSP to communicate with the software. Once the calibration is stored, the ethernet cable can be removed.

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