Neumann NDH 20 Black Edition

Closed-back Studio headphones

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£362.50 ex VAT
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At a glance

  • Linear sound balance, like Neumann’s acclaimed studio monitors
  • Excellent isolation allows working in noisy environments
  • Transparent sound with high resolution
  • High long-term comfort, easy transportation

The Neumann NDH-20 Black Edition headphones are expertly engineered closed-back studio monitors. They are renowned for their impeccable sound isolation and finely tuned audio profile, making them the perfect choice for monitoring and mixing tasks.

These headphones deliver impressive detail and balance, rendering a pristine audio image that remains untainted by undesirable resonances or colourations. This exceptional performance is achieved through the innovative 38mm drivers, which boast high sensitivity and minimal distortion, providing a pure and unadulterated listening experience.

In addition to their audio prowess, the NDH-20 Black headphones are built to endure and ensure comfort during extended use. Crafted with a flexible steel adjustable headband and lightweight machined circumaural ear cups made from aluminium, they offer both robustness and wearability for even the most demanding studio sessions.

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