Neve 1073 DPX

2 Channels of Neve 1073 mic preamp with 3-band EQ

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Launched in 1970, the Neve 1073 is the top producer’s mic pre/EQ module of choice. Built in England, the modern-day 1073DPX is produced to the original specifications and provides two independent channels of legendary Neve microphone preamp and EQ circuits.

At a glance

  • 2 independent, genuine Neve 1073 transformer-coupled microphone preamplier / EQ circuits, in a single 2U 19" rack-mount enclosure
  • Exclusive Neve Marinair transformers used on each input and output stage.
  • Convenient connections for Mic, Line & DI inputs on the front of the unit, with switchable mic/line input connections on the rear of the unit
  • Switchable +48v Phantom Power, Hi/Lo impedance, -20dB pad and DI ground lift on the input stage
  • Switchable Phase, and EQ in/out
  • Insert Send and Return loop feature allows external equipment to be connected easily to the 1073DPX audio chain, such as mono/stereo limiter/compressors
  • Pre-EQ insert send/return - a line level send is available from the mic preamp output stage and a return just before the EQ stage
  • Post-EQ insert send/return - a line-level output send is available from the post EQ stage and a return just before the main output stage
  • Independent channel output level controls
  • 7-stage LED signal level meters for each channel - can show mic/line/DI input-stage level, EQ-stage level or output-stage level up to +24dB
  • Headphone output with adjustable volume control can listen to channel 1, channel 2 or both channels combined
  • External multi-voltage PSU
  • Digital I/O card (Optional) provides high-quality AD/DA conversion

The Neve 1073 DPX is an enhanced dual channel version of the most revered mic preamp with EQ in the history of music recording.

The Neve 1073 DPX is built to original specs and includes input and output transformers manufactured to the original specs to ensure the same classic, rich and vintage sound that Neve is known for. Using the same surface mount device technology as the 1073N and both 500 Series 1073LB and 1073EQLB modules.

The familiar faceplate includes the same GrayHill switches and pots and white push-buttons. Combo line and XLR inputs adorn the front of the preamplifier to accommodate both microphone and line inputs. A DI input is also included separately to connect your Hi-Z instruments such as guitar, bass and some keyboards. Other buttons include a phantom power and a Low-Z switch to change the impedance of the microphone from 1.2k Ohms to 300 Ohms, to accommodate different microphones. A -20dB Pad, ground lift and polarity reversal are also included.

The EQ section comprises the same 3-band design with the same frequency points of the original design with fixed 12kHz HF shelf band, dual concentric frequency selectable Low shelf band covering 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz and 220Hz and a dual concentric frequency selectable mid band bell covering 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz and 7.2kHz. A separate 18dB/oct high-pass filter is included which can be switched off, at 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz or 300Hz. An EQ push-button engages the EQ if desired while INS and PRE buttons let you activate the insert loop return and feed it pre or post EQ.

A monitoring section is provided with a 7 LED meter, and a headphone amp which using an innovative design lets you monitor either channel 1, channel 2 or channel 1 + 2 by merely pushing the volume knob. Level control is also provided, which can be used to keep the level of the output in check, which is very useful for monitoring.

An optional Digital I/O Card can be purchased separately to provide high-quality AD/DA conversion meaning that the 1073 DPX can be used as a superb tracking chain but also as a sublime outboard EQ when mixing from a DAW. To access the Digital functionality, pair of buttons are included called DIGI to engage the digital board, and FRONT to select between front and back analogue inputs.

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