Neve 1073OPX 8x Mic Preamp & ADAT/USB digital option card bundle

Eight-channel Mic Preamp

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Eight remote-controlled 1073 mic preamps with Marinair transformers in a 2U rack unit sporting flexible I/O connection and analogue/digital monitor path for easy integration in any Studio/Live/Broadcast environment and Total Recall.

At a glance

  • Eight channels of the legendary 1073
  • Marinair Transformers
  • Software Remote Control and Total Recall
  • Remote control using a Mac/Intel computer and Neve Remote Control software
  • Combo XLR/Jack input can be switched between Mic and electronically balanced Line
  • Extensive Front and Rear Connections 
  • Switchable 48V Phantom power supply
  • Digital I/O Option: USB interface with eight channels of A/D conversion or DANTE Audio-over-IP Applications
  • Analogue and optional digital monitor path for latency-free monitor cue mix or standalone I/O interface operation.
The Neve 1073 OPX with USB/Dante Card bundle is a remarkable 8-channel microphone preamplifier and interface, seamlessly combining the timeless essence of the Neve 1073 preamp sound with modern digital connectivity via USB and Dante protocols.


The Neve 1073 OPX faithfully reproduces the distinctive essence of the highly coveted 1073 preamp, renowned for its unparalleled tonal richness, enveloping warmth, pronounced low-mid impact, and subtle tonal colouring. Each of the eight preamps can be effortlessly controlled remotely via intuitive software and recalled using Neve's Total Recall feature. Furthermore, in addition to the Mic/Line inputs, each channel offers DI inputs, taking advantage of the transformer-coupled input stage for exceptional audio quality.

The 1073 OPX boasts comprehensive connectivity options, featuring eight combo Jack/XLR connectors on the front panel, microphone and line inputs accessible via DB25 connectors, and eight line outputs utilizing DB25 connections. An additional Monitor path provides dual inputs and outputs via XLR, while a front-mounted headphone output allows individual monitoring of each channel pair or the monitor path itself.


The Neve 1073 OPX Digital Option Card is equipped with Neve's revered mastering-grade converters, offering stellar A/D conversion at up to 192 kHz/24-bit via USB connection, making it an ideal Primary Audio Interface for any DAW-enabled computer. It also offers Primary and Secondary Dante connectivity, enabling seamless audio-over-IP applications. This versatile card provides USB and Dante AD/DA interface capabilities, delivering eight channels of analogue-to-digital conversion for each preamp output and two channels of digital-to-analogue conversion for the digital monitor return signal path.

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