Neve 1081 Classic Module [Horizontal]

Classic 70's Mic Preamp and EQ

CAP2: 0 £3,120.00
£2,600.00 ex VAT
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Hand-built in the UK using original components, the classic 1081 perfect re-issue unit provides remarkable sensitivity, fast and musical response to transients and inimitable Neve equalisation, so beloved by the great producers of the 70's.

A Neve engineered perfect re-issue of the classic transformer balanced mic-pre/EQ, so beloved by the great producers of the 70's. The Neve 1081 Channel Amplifier was first produced in 1972 and was used to provide the mic/line amp and EQ section in classic Neve consoles such as the 8048. Neve today are quoted as saying, "these units feel and perform exactly as a unit purchased in 1972." Featuring XLR I/O, phase reverse, EQ in, line input, switchable impedance 300 or 1200 Ohms and all features and frequencies of the original. The 1081 mic pre takes everything out of the microphone in a full and very pleasing way. 1081 : 3u rack with one or two modules. Mic-pre + 4 band EQ + Variable high and low pass filters. The 1081 EQ has a peak or shelf switch in the top and bottom frequencies and Hi Q selection on each of the mid bands. Mono units can include a blanking panel and can be upgraded to stereo units for the price difference.

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