Neve 1081r Air module (blue knob)

Single Channel Mic Preamp

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Digitally controlled mic preamp for the 1081R Modular Mic preamp system.

The Neve 1081R Air Monserrat is a digitally controlled mic preamp based on the preamp section of the highly coveted Air Montserrat Console.

The Neve 1081R Air Monserrat boasts a microprocessor to give access to all the functions of the mic preamp including gain, pad, polarity reversal and phantom power. This allows the unit to be controlled directly from a PC remotely.

The 1081R is particularly suited for ambient mic techniques with greater output level than the regular 1081R as well as a more open sound while keeping its typical Neve sound signature.

The Neve Air Montserrat console was originally designed for George Martin’s Air studio in the Caribbean island of Montserrat in 1977. It featured 24 tracks and 56 inputs and used toroidal transformers instead of the standard Neve transformers. The mic preamps were remotely controlled via a phantom current signal. These preamps provided headroom of +26dBu with super low 0.003% THD and a frequency response from 40Hz all the way to 100kHz.

This design has now been recommissioned into these preamp modules for the 1081R system.

Neve 1081R Air Monserrat Module Main Features:

  • Microphone Input : XLR inputs, Zin 1Kohm @ 1kHz, gain +20 to +70 in 5dB steps
  • Microphone Maximum Input Level, with 'pad' in : +24dB
  • Outputs : Max +26dB into 600 ohms. Z out 50 ohms +/-5% @ 1kHz, balanced
  • Distortion : Not more than 0.07% for 20dBm output from 50Hz to 10kHz @ 60dB gain
  • Microphone EIN : > -123dBm 20Hz to 20kHz @ 60dB gain
  • Module Dimensions : 35mm x 158mm
  • Optional Mic/Line input Modules Specification and Description
  • There are optional variants of the above modules which allow a line input to be switched into the circuit allowing complete low impedance, line level feed from the rack to the console.
  • Line Input: Zin 50k ohm, unity gain, electronically balanced.
  • The 1081R rack is required to house 1081R modules
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