Neve 8424 with 1x 1073OPX Bundle

24-channel in-line console with 8x 1073OPX mic preamps

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24-channel in-line analogue console bundled with an additional 8x 1073 mic pre-amps.

At a glance

  • 24 Channel inline console.
  • 8 Controllable 1073 preamps
  • 4 Groups with 100mm faders and 2 -band shelving EQ
  • 3 Mono Auxiliary Sends, 1 Stereo Cue send, 2 Stereo Reverb Returns
  • Balanced inputs on Main and DAW inputs (48 total)
  • 2x 1073® Microphone Pre-amplifiers
  • 2x Hi-Z DI inputs
  • 2x 500 Series Slots
  • Marinair® Transformer coupled Stereo Mix, AFL CUe Bus for true Neve Console voltage mixing.
  • Large format console Centre Section with assignable Backlit VU meters
  • 3 Loudspeaker Outputs
  • 2 engineers headphone outputs
  • Onboard Recall

The Neve 8424 and 1073 OPX bundle gives you a 24-channel line console with ten 1073 mic pre-amps.

The Neve 8424 and 1073 OPX bundle gives you everything you need at the heart of your studio, from extensive I/O and routing possibilities and ten 1073 mic preamps (8 1073 OPX + 2x 1073 built-in console).

With the 1073 OPX remote controllability, you can control the pre-amps directly from the level encoders at the top of each channel, giving you full control of your 1073 OPX pre-amps without leaving your desk.

Neve 8424

The Neve 8424 is a 24-channel in-line analogue console derived from the iconic 80-series, including two 1073 mic preamps but with a modern design to fit at the heart of today's hybrid studios.

The Neve 8424 boasts 24 channels, each with two inputs, direct outputs, switchable channel inserts, four groups, and up to 48 channels of mix capability. It also includes three mono Auxes, one stereo cue, and two stereo reverb returns, offering a comprehensive recording and platform with fast and efficient workflow in a compact footprint that will suit small project studios and production rooms.

Legendary Mic pre-amps

The Neve 8424 includes two legendary 1073 pre-amps that will give you Neve's signature larger-than-life, thick, warm sound with a smooth top end.

The Class A discrete transistor design is still considered the gold standard of mic pre-amps for many producers, artists and engineers worldwide, thanks to its uncanny ability to create a tone that sits beautifully in a mix.

Built to the exact specs of the original modules, the included pre-amps boast Marinair input and output stage transformers, giving them their unmistakable sound.

Using Neve's Smart Routing, each pre-amp can be routed to channel 17/18 at the push of a button while also being hard-patched to any channel via their additional input.

500-Series slots

Two 500-Series slots are also provided to connect any 500-Series modules and add further tone shaping.

The 500-Series modules can be routed as stereo master inserts, used across the four mono subgroups, the 1073 mic pre or DI inputs.

Comprehensive Master section

The 8424 offers a comprehensive master section akin to those found on large format mixers. Two large backlit VU Meters, four mono groups with 100mm faders and low- and high-shelving band EQs, 3x Aux returns and cue masters, and a comprehensive control monitor section.

The Stereo Mix section includes two Classic Marinair transformers, providing the legendary sound of Neve's iconic 80 series consoles. It also includes an EQ with low-and high shelving bands and a stereo width control.

Furthermore, The stereo mix section offers comprehensive routing paths and insert points which can also function as a second stereo mix output.

On-board Recall system

An on-board Recall system offers further integration with hybrid studios, allowing for saving, loading and recall of all settings, faders and pot positions for each session. These modern appointments provide unrestricted workflows for producers, engineers and artists without fear of losing settings and wasting valuable studio time.

Neve 1073 OPX

The Neve 1073OPX gives you eight remote-controlled 1073 mic preamps with Marinair transformers in a 2U rack unit sporting a flexible I/O connection and analogue/digital monitor path for easy integration in any Studio/Live/Broadcast environment and Total Recall.

The Neve 1073OPX delivers the legendary sound of the most desirable preamp with its sought-after tonal quality, warmth, low mid-punch and subtle colouration. Each of the eight preamps can be remotely controlled via software and perfectly recalled, thanks to Neve’s Total Recall feature. In addition to the Mic/Line inputs, each channel provides DI inputs, which benefit from the transformer-coupled input stage.

The 1073OPX includes comprehensive connectivity with eight combos Jack/XLR connectors on the front, microphone and line inputs over DB25, and eight line outputs over DB25. An additional Monitor path includes dual input and output over XLR. A headphone output is included on the front letting you monitor each pair of channels individually or the monitor path.

The optional digital I/O card with 192kHz/ 24-bit mastering-grade A/D conversion allows the 1073OPX to be used as a primary Audio interface to any computer with a DAW. A Dante connector also provides Audio-over-IP applications as a Primary or Secondary Dante device.

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