Neve 8803

Dual Channel 88RS Based EQ

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The 8803 combines the sound of hand-assembled Neve 88RS analogue EQ and filtering with flexible control and USB recall of settings for DAW users.

Part of the exclusive 88 series collection, the Neve 8803 is a dual-channel equaliser and filter in the great tradition of Neve processors.

The Neve 8803 is designed to deliver the legendary Neve sound in a convenient 1U rack unit. The EQ circuits used on the 8803 are based on the classic Neve 8108 design but with enhancements to the flexibility of frequency ranges and Q ranges.

Balanced Inputs and +/- 20dB of Trim are followed by two 12dB per octave filters. Frequency selection is continuously variable on all bands with ranges of 33Hz to 440Hz, 120Hz to 2kHz, 0.8kHz to 9kHz and 1.5kHz to 18kHz.

Like the other units in the Neve 88 series collection, the 8803 features recallable settings; a USB port connects the unit to either a PC or a Mac and a utility programme can be used to store and recall settings. This is an essential tool for creative flexibility, analogue outboard can be used alongside workstations and their settings recalled whenever required.

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