Neve 8804

Precision Fader Control for the 8816 Summing Mixer

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A Precision Fader Controller for the 8816 Summing Mixer via USB to either Mac or PC with a utility programme for storing and recalling settings.

Designed to be rack-mount or table-top, the Neve 8804 features sixteen long-throw channel faders with associated mute/solo switches and two long-throw output faders to add Precision Fader Control to the Neve 8816 Summing Mixer.

The Neve 8804 not only adds fader control over audio levels to the 8816 but also adds additional functionality. Each of the 8816's sixteen input channels has a Direct Output from the 8804. These can be set to pre or post-fader and can be used to feed FX units, make separate recordings of individual elements of a mix or for multitrack recording. The 8816 channel level pot is no longer required for level setting and becomes a dedicated auxiliary send. This is incredibly useful if the producer wishes to use an outboard reverb unit to add an extra touch of class to their mix.

As part of the 88 range of outboard equipment the 8804 is equipped with recall. A USB port connects the unit to either Mac or PC and a utility programme stores and recalls settings. This is an essential tool for creative flexibility, analogue outboard can be used alongside workstations and their settings recalled whenever required.

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