Neve Genesys Black G32 G3D Console

32-channel console featuring seamless Dolby Atmos integration, touch-sensitive encoders, a user-friendly touchscreen, extensive visual feedback, iconic EQ design


The Genesys Black G32 G3D console merges advanced technology with premium analogue sound, highlighted by its seamless DAW integration and the innovative Genesys G3D System for immersive mixing. Featuring precision touch-sensitive encoders, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and extensive visual feedback through 32 motorised faders, it ensures efficient and precise control. The console's eight analogue channel strips, influenced by iconic EQ designs, offer superior sound quality. With advanced monitoring, high-grade digital converters, and robust connectivity, the Genesys Black G32 G3D stands as a cutting-edge, scalable solution for professional audio production.

At a glance

  • Immersive Genesys G3D mixing
  • Seamless DAW integration
  • Precision touch-sensitive encoders
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Extensive visual feedback with 32 motorized faders
  • Eight analogue channel strips with iconic EQ designs
  • Superior monitoring and high-grade digital converters
  • Robust connectivity options
  • Scalable and future-proof design for professional audio production

The Genesys Black G32 G3D is a digitally controlled analogue and Dolby Atmos-ready recording console that epitomizes the perfect blend of seamless DAW integration and exceptional analogue sound quality. This console is designed for the discerning professional and combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technological innovations.

The Genesys G3D System: Pioneering a New Chapter in Audio Mixing

Marking a revolutionary collaboration with Dolby®, the Genesys G3D System exemplifies Neve's dedication to pioneering advancements. This system transforms sound engineering with its object-based mixing capabilities, crafting a sound environment that is both immersive and intricately detailed.

Touch-sensitive encoders and a sophisticated computing core are at the heart of the G3D system, ensuring precision in every interaction and efficiency in every operation. The Genesys ControlPlugin expands the system's reach into the digital domain, facilitating complex object automation within any DAW environment.

Unmatched Analogue Excellence and Flexibility

Central to the console are eight analogue channel strips, drawing inspiration from the legendary 1073 and Neve 88RS-style four-band EQs. Switching to the authentic 1084 Classic EQ provides flexibility for aficionados of the classic sound, delivering unparalleled versatility and audio fidelity.

Innovative Control Interface

The Genesys Black G32 G3D redefines user interaction with its central touchscreen display, streamlining workflows beyond the traditional mouse-based interfaces. This intuitive interface ensures plug-and-play compatibility with Windows and MacOS DAWs, catering to a wide spectrum of audio professionals.

Advanced Visual Feedback and Motorised Faders

The console, equipped with sixteen split meters, offers an extensive visual representation of 32 channels, keeping every nuance clear. The 32 motorised faders afford precise control over tracking and mixing, augmenting both the tactile experience and the efficiency of the workflow.

Superior Monitoring and Connectivity Features

Inspired by the 88RS console, the monitoring section accommodates various configurations, meeting a broad range of audio production needs. The optional high-grade 192kHz digital converters, alongside versatile connectivity options, position the Genesys Black G32 G3D at the vanguard of digital audio technology.

Scalability and Future-proofing

The Genesys Black G32 G3D is crafted to evolve alongside your professional aspirations. Offering a spectrum of upgrade options, from vintage EQs to state-of-the-art compression and conversion modules, this console is a long-term commitment to enhancing your audio production prowess.

Together, the Genesys Black G32 G3D console and the Genesys G3D System epitomize the pinnacle of audio production technology. Their unmatched control, versatility, and immersive audio capabilities establish new industry benchmarks, inviting professionals to explore and expand the horizons of music production.

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