Neve Genesys Black G32 Console

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The Neve Genesys Black G32 is a digitally-controlled analogue recording console bringing cutting edge integration with your DAW, sixteen digitally controlled 1073 mic pre and 88RS-style EQs and 32 fully DAW-automated faders.

The Neve Genesys Black G16 comes with sixteen analogue channel strips based on the legendary 1073 and Neve 88RS-style four-band EQ. For those looking for a more vintage flavour, it is possible to replace the EQ with genuine 1084 Classic EQ. 

The Genesys Black brings a new level of visual and tactile control thanks to its touchscreen display in the centre, giving you instinctive control of your session instead of the cumbersome click-and-drag mouse workflows. The Touchscreen is plug-and-play compatible with Windows and MacOS DAWs. In addition, the Genesys Black includes sixteen split meters capable of showing 32 channels for a complete overview all within the same workflow.

32 motorised faders are included that can be used for tracking or mixing. When tracking, the first sixteen faders can be used to control the input while the sixteen central faders provide quick DAW adjustments and the following eight are used for Aux. Switching the Genesys Black into DAW mode will spread 32 channels across all 32 faders with full DAW automation.

The monitor section is inspired by the iconic 88RS console and provides two sets of mono, stereo and 5.1 monitoring to adapt to a wide range of workflows. If you need to monitor external 5.1 sources, you can easily bring them in the monitoring section too.

The Neve Genesys Back G16 can ship with optional 192kHz digital converters with Firewire, AES and MADI connectors. Each of the eight channel-strips features three Digital to analogue I/O paths with to inputs and a direct output which can be routed to or from the Analogue to Digital converters. These high-grade converters use the same circuit as the Neve DPD for 4x Sample rate resolution.

The Genesys Black is scalable offering you the possibility to select various upgrades from the vintage 1084 EQ the inclusion of Neve's VCA compression or even a complete set of AD/DA conversion on all monitor outputs. The Genesys Black can grow with your needs.

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