Neve Genesys G3D System

Dolby Atmos Option for Genesys

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State-of-the-art audio mixing console that brings the pioneering technology of Dolby Atmos® to professional sound engineers and artists. It features groundbreaking innovations, such as touch-sensitive encoders and a new 64-bit computer system, to offer unparalleled control over three-dimensional soundscapes. With capabilities for object-based mixing of up to 118 objects, enhanced DAW plugin automation, integrated speaker management, and dedicated hardware controls for Dolby Atmos, the Genesys G3D represents the forefront of audio engineering, enabling professionals to craft immersive sonic experiences with precision and ease.

At a glance

  • Integration with Dolby Atmos® for advanced spatial audio mixing
  • Remote control capabilities for Dolby Atmos technology
  • Object-based analogue console audio mixing for up to 118 objects
  • G3D monitor panel with touch-sensitive encoders and LED halos
  • Futureproof 64-bit computer system with SSD
  • Enhanced DAW automation with Genesys ControlPlugin featuring 3D positioning
  • Integrated speaker management with Neve StarNet ADA16 for pristine DA conversion
  • Dedicated controls for Dolby Atmos Renderer interface

The Neve Genesys G3D System is the latest innovation in audio mixing technology, specifically designed for professionals in the music production industry. By incorporating Dolby Atmos® mixing capabilities, this system sets a new benchmark for sound engineering, offering an immersive three-dimensional audio experience.

Crafted through a partnership with Dolby®, the Genesys G3D System integrates both hardware and software developments to achieve unparalleled control over the Dolby Atmos technology. This collaboration is the next step in Neve's commitment to innovation within the post-production sphere.

The Genesys G3D invites Engineers and Artists to explore the full potential of music production with its object-based mixing capability. With support for up to 118 audio objects, this system provides a rich and intricate sound landscape.

At the core of the G3D system is a suite of touch-sensitive encoders, each surrounded by a 30-segment LED halo, providing instant visual feedback for 3D audio coordinates. Complementing the tactile experience is an advanced 64-bit computer system with SSD technology, ensuring that the console remains at the forefront of digital advancements.

The Genesys G3D further extends its capabilities through the Genesys ControlPlugin, which now includes 3D positioning parameters, allowing for intricate object automation within any DAW environment. Speaker management is seamlessly integrated through the Neve StarNet ADA16, offering pristine DA conversion and direct control over Dolby Atmos speaker levels from the console.

The introduction of dedicated hardware controls for the Dolby Atmos Renderer streamlines the mixing process, providing a tactile and intuitive interface that enhances workflow efficiency.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What about specification & pricing for other sizes of Genesys / Genesys Black consoles?
Updated specifications and pricing for all new Genesys / Genesys Black consoles will be released in February 2024. 

Can the G3D option be ordered with new consoles of different sizes to the GB32 / G48?
Yes, although, as indicated above, the pricing, which includes the G3D option for all sizes of Genesys / Genesys Black consoles, will not be available until February 2024
Can the G3D option be fitted to existing Genesys / Genesys Black consoles?
The upgrade can be fitted to consoles less than 5 years old. Additional upgrade hardware may be required depending on the version of the integrated computer on all consoles manufactured prior to October 2022. Upgrade pricing for all available scenarios will be released in March 2024

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