Nord Drum 3P Digital Percussion Synthesizer

Digital Percussion Synthesizer

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Nord Drum 3P Digital Percussion Synthesizer

The Nord Drum 3P is Digital Percussion Synthesizer built around a three stage percussion synthesis algorithm, with a built in 6 point percussion pad and a vastly upgraded engine for creating and managing your sounds.

3P uses a simple, yet highly effective system for creating its percussion tones. Each sound is made up of three constituent parts; a tone section, a click section and a noise section. Whilst this sounds rather simple, in practice it makes dialing in a wide range sounds really quick, simple and more importantly fun.

In the tone section you have access to pitch, waveform, decay, bend and the spectra. In the click section you can dial in the amount of lick you want from the spectra and the noise section lets you pick and control the amount of noise artifact in the drum tone. There's literally thousands of possible tones on board, and now on Nord Drum 3P you can organise these sounds into kits easily, for immediate access on the fly.

The 6 point percussion pad is now built into the 3P, as opposed to being an optional extra. Making this a perfect solution for live performer and studio musicians alike.

The main features of the0 Nord Drum 3P include

Multi voice digital percussion synthesizer

Uses three sections for creating drum tones

Includes 6 point percussion pad

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