Nord Pedal Keys 27 Foot Controller

Organ Style Foot Controller

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Nord Pedal Keys 27 Foot Controller

The Nord Pedal Keys 27 is a 27-note MIDI controller with 27 notes and an integrated swell controller.

Pedal Keys 27 is designed to be used like any other floor based note controller, it features 27 notes and a built in swell controller and since it runs on MIDI, it can be used with any compatible device.

House in a rugged aluminium chassis and constructed with wooden keys, the pedal keys 27 is road worth and build to be used extensively.

A perfect partner with the C2 and C2D organs, the pedal keys 27 simply attached to said keyboard using the external bass MIDI input. Expanding the sonic capabilities of your organ setup.

The MIDI note range runs from C2 to D4, or midi notes 36 to 62 and are transmitted across MIDI channel 3.

A classic form of note input, that no organ player should be without.

The main features of the Nord Pedal Keys 27 MIDI Controller include

27-note floor controller

Includes swell control

Designed for use with any MIDI equipped gear

Ideal partner for the C2 and C2D

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