OS Acoustics DB7 (Pair)

2-way Active Speakers

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High-precision reference studio monitor with onboard DSP for designed to truly linear frequency response and time domain coherency.

The O.S Acoustics DB7 is a high-precision reference studio monitor designed to provide impressive frequency response and time domain coherency with onboard DSP.

The O.S Acoustics DB7 features ultra-rigid, high-fidelity drive units working in pistonic motion throughout the audible frequency range offering low distortion and harmonic purity. Each driver is powered by the best Class-D amplifier available, delivering unrivalled audio performance with huge dynamic range openness and articulation.

The onboard DSP module includes a selection of 8 presets ranging from critically flat to voiced response. Each of the preset offers a control for the FIR phase correction filter. Smaller rooms are also catered for with a small-room boundary correction which counteracts the low frequency build-ups.

Designed with an uncompromised approach, the DB7 is a true reference monitor useful for mixing mastering, broadcast, film or any application where critical frequency and time response is a must.

O.S Acoustics DB7 Main Features:

  • Extremely linear frequency response
  • Exceptional impulse time response
  • Time-coherent FIR phase correction filter
  • High fidelity, ceramic coated magnesium and aluminium drive units
  • Powerful, ultra audiophile class-D amplification
  • Low distortion
  • Low crossover point for improved imaging
  • Advanced DSP, dual-voiced with 8 presets
  • FEM optimised, deep and heavily braced enclosure for extended low-frequency response
  • Energy Star and ErP power saving compliant with Wake On Music
  • Universal Mains with Power Factor Correction
  • High quality 24-bit 96kHz Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters
  • Individually calibrated and hand tested

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