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Versatile suite of seven modules, meticulously crafted to bring the warmth and character of analogue gear to digital mixes. It encompasses the FG-N and FG-S for detailed EQ shaping, inspired by vintage British and versatile console EQs respectively. For dynamic control, it offers the modern, dual-path FG-401 and the vintage-styled FG-116 compressors. Rounding out the collection are the Trimmer for precise gain and phase adjustments, the Monster for aggressive compression mimicking the classic 'British Mode,' and the Revival, a specialized tool for enhancing the sonic texture of the highs and lows, ensuring a polished and professional mix.

At a glance

  • FG-N: Emulates a vintage British EQ for exceptional filtering and tonal shaping.
  • FG-S: Models a versatile console EQ, ideal for a wide array of audio material.
  • FG-401: A modern VCA compressor emulation with two unique circuit paths.
  • FG-116: Offers the classic sound of traditional American FET compressors.
  • Trimmer: Provides straightforward gain management and phase inversion, with precise output monitoring.
  • Monster: Emulates the intense 'British Mode' of a classic 76-style compressor.
  • Revival: Enhances the clarity and richness of the mix's high and low ends, imparting a polished, professional sound.

The Slate Digital VMR is a compilation of seven modules designed to infuse digital mixes with high-quality analogue emulation.

In the realm of EQs, the VMR features the FG-N and FG-S. The FG-N is inspired by a classic British EQ, known for its exceptional filtering capabilities and tonal quality. On the other hand, the FG-S mirrors the characteristics of a versatile mixing console EQ, making it well-suited for a broad range of audio materials.

For compression tasks, the VMR includes the FG-401 and the FG-116. The FG-401 draws inspiration from a highly-regarded modern VCA compressor, notable for its dual circuit paths. In contrast, the FG-116 nods to the vintage American FET compressors, known for their iconic sound.

Completing the VMR ensemble are three unique tools. Trimmer offers straightforward gain adjustment, phase inversion, and precise output monitoring. Monster emulates the aggressive, all-button "British Mode" of a classic 76-style compressor. Lastly, Revival is Slate's secret weapon, designed to enhance the clarity and richness of the high and low ends, resulting in a noticeably improved sound.



  • Platform Mac (macOS 11+), PC (Windows 10 or 11)
  • Bit Depth 64-bit
  • Format AAX, AU, VST2, VST3
  • Authorisation iLok
  • Min Spec Quad Core i5 or higher, 4GB RAM

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