Pace iLok 3 USB-C [9900-74169-00]

USB-C Dongle

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The Pace iLok USB-C is an advanced and secure USB device that stores licenses for iLok-enabled software, offering software developers a reliable solution for protecting their creations. When running iLok-enabled software, the connected iLok USB-C verifies the license and grants authenticated access, working seamlessly on any computer. With its sophisticated technology and extensible platform, the iLok can authorize various applications from different vendors securely, even unlocking specific features within protected software. Utilizing modern cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure, the iLok fosters an active security exchange between the protected software and the device itself. It allows licenses from multiple publishers without conflicts and enables remote, secure license management. Integrated with PACE's software protection toolset and SDK, the iLok provides a scalable PKI solution, ensuring simple and secure software protection.

At a glance

  • Store over 1,500 licenses from different vendors
  • Secure manufacturing control the production of hardware
  • Embed into hardware to cross-authenticate code or features
  • Protect research and manufacturing software and content
  • Control the use of features within your application

The Pace iLok USB-C is a state-of-the-art secure USB device that stores licenses for iLok-enabled software. When users execute iLok-enabled software, the device verifies the presence of the software license on the connected iLok USB, granting authenticated access. This process works seamlessly on any computer, ensuring widespread compatibility.

At its core, the iLok USB-C employs sophisticated technology and an advanced security platform meticulously engineered to authorise numerous applications from the same or different software vendors with utmost security. Additionally, the iLok can go beyond mere software access and unlock specific features within protected applications.

Though widely recognised as a secure USB dongle, the iLok transcends the simplicity of typical dongles. It is an active security device built upon a versatile and extensible platform developed by PACE Anti-Piracy. Unquestionably, iLok's capabilities extend far beyond merely authorising software.

Underpinning the iLok USB platform is a robust security module that leverages modern cryptography, including digital signatures and strong cryptographic block algorithms. Utilising the industry-proven Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the iLok engages in an active security exchange with protected software, further reinforcing the safeguarding process.

A standout feature of the iLok is its ability to securely store licenses for multiple publishers without any conflicts or security compromises. It means a single iLok USB device can unlock code or data originating from different software vendors without compromising on security.

Furthermore, the convenience of remotely and securely adding, updating, or removing licenses from an iLok USB device empowers software developers with an efficient license management system.

The iLok seamlessly integrates with PACE's advanced software protection toolset and Software Development Kit (SDK), delivering a scalable PKI solution that simplifies and enhances the security of software protection.

The Pace iLok USB-C offers unparalleled security for software developers and users. Its active security features, modern cryptography, and compatibility with various applications make it a trusted and indispensable tool in software protection.

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